Double Car Crash Closes I-75 South

4 Injured, No Casualties


Jade Little, New Writer

Two crashes occurred on October 12 at 6:51 am and one at 9 pm. From these two crashes, Dayton daily news only four people were injured and there are no records of hospitalization for any of the four victims. Both accidents had closed I-75 south. After the first crash, the left lane remained open for about an hour. Then at the second crash, according to dayton weather and news the far left lane was closed. The lane was close for 30 minutes until almost 10pm.
In the second crash, one person was injured with an arm laceration but wasn’t hospitalized.  After almost 3 hours I-75 was opened back up, a semi-tractor trailer overturned on I-75 South.  All lanes were closed until 2:45pm.   The second crash someone was flown to the hospital after a car flipped.  Other people were injured as bad.

The crashes on I-75 entirely is pretty normal due to the speed and people not watching where they are going.  I-75 south have crashes on a daily almost hourly.  It takes hour to clean it up which makes it even harder to get anywhere. Crashes are something that are normal and sometimes people just need to pay attention and drive safely to keep the roads safe.  If we can find a way to stop these crashes less people will die or be injured.  Less people would have to pay they’re car insurance or pay to repair for the damage that was done  during an accident.  NHTSA is trying help stop the car crashes, help by signing up.