Iowa Highschool Takes Controversial LGBTQ+ Books Off Shelves

Controversial LGBTQ+ Books are Taken off Shelves in Iowa Highschool

Highschool Bookshelf


Highschool Bookshelf

Kayla Myers, Staff Writer

Waukee Northwest High school

Recently, at Waukee Northwest High school, a staff member had discovered a few books in the LGBTQ+ section that had some alarming features in the plot of the story. One staff member even discovered a sexually explicit cartoon, and pointed out that it could be seen by kids as young as fourteen years old. These books have been brought up by other schools across the country, with Waukee being the newest school to join them. One of the books, Gender Queer, goes through the mind of a non-binary, asexual teen trying to navigate their way through homosexuality. Another one of the books, Lawn Boy, has a sexual encounter between to male characters, both of which are everyday situations in real life. That being said, is it okay to allow high school students access to these books?

It should be stated that without exposure to the LGBTQ+ community, some kids will have a harder time expressing themselves. Some of these books could play a very important role in a students life who is trying to discover themselves while going through their high school career. One of those books could play a vital role in one’s self discovery. It should be said that students are responsible for themselves, so a student should decide if they are responsible or not to be reading these books. Once these books are read and discussed within the school board, they will then decide if these books can be put back on the high school shelves, or if they should be discarded all together.