Student School Review

Students Are Asked How They Feel About Their Education

Kayla Myers

A survey was given to 9 students currently enrolled in Northmont Highschool or CTC. They were asked multiple questions about the quality of their education. Here are those results..

The first question the students were asked was “Rate how much you enjoy school 1-10. 1 being the worst, 10 being the best. The results were not very shocking, however I received no 1 responses and no 9 or 10 responses. The most common responses were 3, 6, and 7. 

The next question was “Has your learning experience improved, stayed the same, or gotten worse over time?” The results again were not very shocking with the most popular response being that it has gotten worse. The other responses tied at 22.2%. It is a good thing to see that some people say that their learning experience has improved. 

 The third question was “Do you think remote learning was helpful during the pandemic?” Yes and no both tied for the most popular response at 44.4% and only two responses said that it made school a little harder. After that I had the student elaborate on their reasons why they answered that way. One response said “They weren’t restrictive enough.” A few responses were very similar by saying it gave students things to do when we couldn’t go anywhere, but others said it just made the learning confusing for some students. 

The next question was “Do you feel as if school is getting you ready for the future?” A whopping 77.8% No, and I had them elaborate on their thoughts again. A few responses were similar saying that it isn’t the teachers fault, but saying that it was the government. One response said that teachers need to be more interactive with their students. Another student said that they switched to CTC and their teachers are amazing, but the teachers at Northmont never engaged with the students’ interest. The teachers just went at pace with the smartest students leaving the slower paced students behind.


In conclusion, in my opinion it was more negative than positive, but not as negative as I thought it would be. I am however disappointed in the results because school should be a place where students want to learn from. A place where students want to be everyday to learn. What are some things that teachers and the government could do to make school more enjoyable for everyone involved?