President Biden’s Approval Rate has Fallen to 38%

Why Have the Rates Fallen Through?


The Times Of India

Biden poll rating drops below 38%

Jade Little, Staff Writer

A poll conducted by USA Today and Suffolk University revealed that President Biden’s approval rating had dropped to 38% after it had been in the low 40’s recently. The poll was taken before the House voted to approve his $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and political analysts claim that President Biden and the Democratic Party are self-assured for a rebound after he signs the Bill. The poll says that 46% of participants say the President has done a ‘worse job as president then they initially expected’, 16% of those voted for him. The poll also revealed that if there was another presidential election against Former President Trump, only 40% of votes would go to Biden, while 44% would go to Trump, the last 11% would be dispersed amongst other opponents.

According to Bloomberg Opinion, “Why has Biden’s popularity fallen? It’s hard to prove anything about such things; there are too many possibilities at play. But it’s certainly suggestive that the pandemic case count bottomed out in the first week of July, so Biden’s slide began right around the time that people started noticing that things were, once again, getting worse. And it continued as economic numbers deteriorated throughout the third quarter.” This indicates that the main reason his approval rating dropped was due to Covid and the declining economy in response to it. However according to Boston Herald, “A dismal approval rating just forced President Biden to pull up short on his victory lap over the passage of his $1 trillion infrastructure package. His approval rating has now hit a new low of 38% … rounded up from 37.8%.” 

They seem to think otherwise, believing the main reason Biden’s approval rate decreased is due to the $1.2 trillion infrastructure package he signed off on. As the Herald reported this weekend, jumping ahead to 2024, projections show Biden losing to former President Donald Trump by 2 points. There are a lot of predictions for the 2024 election, but only time will tell.