Ohio Might Be Expanding Medical Marijuana Conditions

A New Bill Has Been Proposed in Regards To The Use Of Medical Marijuana


Andrew Welsh-Huggins

Sen. Steve Huffman answers questions about the medical marijuana bill he is trying to pass.

Kayla Myers, Staff Writer

Ohio’s statehouse proposed a bill in regards to medical marijuana and who should have access to it. This bill is trying to make medical marijuana a new treatment for more conditions some include: arthritis, autism, migraines, and opioid use disorder. Some think this is a great step for the future, but others are a little suspicious due to Ohio’s struggle with opioids.

According to Dayton, Steve Huffman firmly believes that it should not be up to the law whether patients get prescribed medical marijuana, rather that it should be up to trained physicians and doctors. Huffman claims that the medicine will be monitored by physicians just like any other medication.

A dispensary in Dayton, Ohio.

Photographer: https://pureohiowellness.com/rd/index.php/locations/dayton-ohio

Senate bill 261 had its first hearing last week, Steve Huffman, was the sponsor for both this hearing and the one back in 2016 that was set to try to legalize marijuana. Huffmans bill would write into law that businesses that licensed dispensary’s and growers can expand their order of operations, and it would also increase the amount of dispensaries that are allowed in the state. This bill also changes the way marijuana can be administered, it is already sold in plant form, oil, edible, or a patch. This bill could possibly add lotions, pills, inhalers, and oral strips. There was also some rules in place to accommodate Covid-19, so they allow things such as curbside dispensing and drive-thru dispensing. This bill also allows these dispensary’s to advertise their products on social media or elsewhere, but everything has to be run by the state for approval.