The Newest Nation In The World Is Drying Up

The Flooding in the Worlds Newest Nation Bentiu, South Sudan Is The Worst In 60 Years


A hut that is fully flooded in the town of Bentiu, South Sudan

Kayla Myers, Staff Writer

The world’s newest nation is a small village in Africa; Bentiu, South Sudan. South Sudan became the world’s newest nation after they declared their independence from Sudan in 2011. South Sudan has also just gotten out of a brutal civil war that only ended last year. The village is known for having wet, rainy seasons, and very dry seasons. Both of those put together are the perfect conditions for flooding. Now the streets and housing areas of Bentiu and neighboring town, Ding Ding, are completely flooded. For travel, some people swim, others have rafts, and some just wade through the water. This flooding has been happening since as early as 6 months ago and has not ceased since.

Families are struggling, especially ones with lots of younger children. Since there is no main mode of transportation, carrying children and all of your belongings through flooded waters is no easy task. More than 850,000 people have been affected by these flooded waters. Families that are searching for food are starving and have resorted to eating the lilies that form at the top of this water due to the new ecosystem.

According to CNN, this submergence of their houses, farms, markets and roads is said to be the worst flooding that Sudan has had in 60 years. The rainy season is over, but due to the extreme wetness of the rainy season, the water has accumulated over the months and has yet to recede. Officials say they haven’t seen anything this bad since the 1960’s. 90% of the nation’s land has been affected by the flooding. As the neighboring nations fight for resources, officials say, the violent nature between the nations will progressively get worse.

(A map of South Sudan and the where the water has accumulated. Posted by )