American, Ukrainian, and Russia talks over invasion of Ukraine

Russian May Be Planning To Invade Ukraine

Presidential talks

Presidential talks

David Fogle, Staff Writer



On Sunday, December 12, NATO begun discussions with Russia about the huge force amassing on the Russian-Ukrainian border. “Mr. Putin has laid out a set of Russian goals that seem impossible to meet, including a written NATO guarantee withdrawing a 2008 NATO pledge to take Ukraine and Georgia into the alliance at some point in the future (a demand already rejected by Washington), and a promise not to deploy weapons to countries bordering Russia or to hold military drills within a certain distance from Russia.” as said by NYtimes. Sunday’s warning was not just the major NATO countries but also from Japan and other countries who are worried for their Ukrainian allies. The White House has warned that it is prepared to help Ukrainian troops and civilians in fighting Russia if they invade them. Germany said they are ready to shut off the oil pipeline from them Russia if they invade Ukraine as an act of war or territorial disputes arise. “Ukraine accuses Russia of massing around 100,000 troops in preparation for a possible invasion, raising fears that a simmering conflict in Ukraine’s eastern Donbass region could erupt into open war between the two.


Russia denies planning any attack but accuses Ukraine and the United States of destabilizing behavior, and has sought security guarantees against NATO’s eastward expansion.” as reported by Talks to resolve this conflict have been in progress for months. There are estimated to be about 3 or 4 months of talks and treaties to appease both sides of this national dispute.