Cracker Barrell Loses a $9.4 Million Dollar Lawsuit

8 Years Ago At Cracker Barrel a Man Was Served a Chemical Grade Bleach Instead Of Water

Kayla Myers, Staff Writer

Back in April 2014, a man in Marion County, Tennessee was at Cracker Barrel drinking what he assumed to be his water. After he took a drink, he quickly found out that it was a chemical called Ecosan. The chemical was used for cleaning in the kitchen. Due to drinking the chemicals, he sustained serious internal injuries to his mouth and esophagus.

Although this incident happened 8 years ago, the trial happened in 2022. The Cracker Barrel representatives said “We are obviously disappointed by and strongly disagree with the jury’s award in this case.” In only 30 minutes, the jury ruled for $4.3 million in just compensatory damages, then after another additional 10 minutes, they agreed to another $5 million for punitive damages. Cronnon’s, the man who drank the chemicals, lawyer Greer had claimed that the verdict was “ of the fastest verdicts we have ever seen.” The original lawsuit was set for $150,000.

This reward could be reduced all the way down to $750,000 due to a Tennessee law that caps the amount of money received from lawsuits.