Russian People Leaving Russia

Russians Evacuate Russia


Photo by BBC (photo of citizen leaving Russia)

Russian citizens have started to evacuate Russia for fear of being trapped there.

Schengenvisa News stated, The border crossing between Finland and Russia, located at Vaalimaa, has been registering an increased flow of persons who wish to leave Russia and enter Finland. This route is amongst the few routes that allow movement from Russia to the EU. Apart from those crossing the Russian-Finnish border with buses and personal cars, the express train that links St Petersburg and Helsinki has also been full for days now. The senior vice president of the Finnish railway operator VR, Topi Simola, said that the trains coming from St Petersburg to Helsinki are full for the next few days too, indicating that most trains are fully booked. Since the start of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, a high number of persons have been leaving the latter’s territory.

Photo by Forbes (photo of Russian citizen getting arrested)

Newsweek also stated “If you wish to depart Russia, you should make arrangements on your own as soon as possible,” the embassy’s statement read. “If you plan to stay in Russia, understand the U.S. Embassy has severe limitations on its ability to assist U.S. citizens, and conditions, including transportation options may change suddenly. U.S. citizens who are able to depart Russia for another country and are in need of emergency assistance upon arrival may contact a U.S. embassy or consulate in that country.”

Photo by BBC (photo of citizen leaving Russia)