Two People Injured and Horse Dead After Buggy Crash

Horse Dead and Two Injured in Buggy Crash

What a horse and buggy looks like.

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What a horse and buggy looks like.

Joshua Murphy, Staff writer

On Thursday, March 10, 2022, a horse was killed and two people were injured in a truck and buggy crash in Michigan.

According to The Daily News, troopers from the Michigan State Police reported to the scene. The crash happened on Greenville road. A blue Dodge Ram crossed the centerline going southbound and collided with a northbound Amish buggy. 

According to ABC12, the sixty-two-year-old buggy driver was taken to Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids by air. The sixty-two-year-old is reported to be in a “ serious, life-threatening condition”. The passenger was a sixty-five-year-old woman, who was transferred to an area hospital with “non-life-threatening” injuries. The seventy-year-old driver of the Dodge Ram was transferred to an area hospital with “non-life-threatening” injuries. The horse controlling the buggy was killed in the crash. It is not known if the horse died on contact or died a few minutes later due to injuries waiting for police to respond to the crash. 

press republican, Vehicle crashes versus horse and buggy collisions are typically caused by bad driving, poor illumination on buggies, and vehicles going too fast near buggies, buggy crashes seem to be high in more rural areas of the United States of America due to high Amish population and low lighting on roads, and lighting on buggies. The horse was killed in the crash. There are no updates on the conditions of the drivers of the buggy or the Dodge Ram.