Virginia People Scared of Snakes

Snakes are in Virginia and may Soon Come to Ohio


Eastern timber rattlesnake (Google)

Jade Little, Staff Writer

Snake season is back and fear strikes Virginia once again.  In Virginia, there was a six foot King Snake that was found in a home.  The snake was found when Kelly Blumenthal posted on Facebook video of the snake, climbing up their window sill, near an area where her two young boys play in their home in Stafford.  A wildlife expert said the unwelcome house guest was a King snake, which while they are not poisonous, they are known to bite.  According to USAToday, in Woodbridge, Virginia, there was a two headed copper snake spotted.   The snake was spotted in a resident’s backyard.   No other inside information was given for this story. Wildlife officials were saying two headed snakes are extremely rare, due to the way they must live, and the fact that they die so soon.

Soon enough, the snakes will travel up to Ohio once it gets warmer.  According to PetKeens “Because snakes know that they will brumate and know they will have slower reactions and endure a greater chance of being attacked, they will head to warmer areas”.

According to, in Ohio there are twenty five different species of snakes, only three out of these twenty five are poisonous, the Eastern timber rattle snake, northern copper head, and the massasauga rattle snake.  Even with only three of twenty five are poisonous they could be anywhere, so you should still be aware of your surroundings when you are hiking or out in the woods. It is best to watch your surroundings when going through tall grass.