Eiffel Tower Grows Taller

Eiffel Tower has Antenna put on it


Photo by KSBY (Photo of Eiffel Tower With Antenna Attached.)

Braden Minchez, Staff Writer

On March 15, 2022, in Champ de Mars Paris, France the Eiffel tower grew after TDF installed a digital radio antenna to the tower making the Eiffel tower 1,083 to 1,082 feet or if you converted it into exact meters it would be 330.0984 to 329.7936 meters. They put the digital radio antenna on the Eiffel tower to improve the overall DAB+ (Digital audio) and broadcasting in the capital of France. The antenna was lowered down on top of the Eiffel tower by a helicopter. Some tourists on their visit to Paris, France watched the digital radio antenna be put on from the Trocadero esplanade.

Hurriyet Daily News reports  (The tallest building in Paris, known affectionately as the Iron Lady, measures 330 meters in height after the new addition. A smattering of tourists watched as the antenna was lowered into position on March 15 morning, with the two engineers tasked with securing it to the structure barely visible from the ground.)

Picture by News18 (Picture of Helicopter Helping Put On The Digital Radio Antenna.)

The Thrillist also stated (This isn’t the first time the tower has been used to assist in telecommunication. The Eiffel Tower was actually first used as a transmitter back in 1899. It even helped with communication for the French military during World War I. So while the antenna might be new, this is not some great desecration of one of the world’s most iconic tourist attractions. It’s more like a continued advancement of one of its original functions.)

Picture by Republic World (Picture of Engineers Assembling The Antenna.)