Are Melatonin Patches Safe?

Do Melatonin Patches Actually Work?


While many people take melatonin before bed, there are many questions as to how the new Melatonin Patches work.

“Once it is applied to your skin, the patch releases melatonin into your body through the dermis, or skin. Unlike most melatonin supplements, which deliver the melatonin quickly to help you fall asleep faster, melatonin patches are formulated with an extended-release system designed to help you stay asleep longer.” explains Sleep Foundation. “Specific instructions may vary based on the particular melatonin patch you select, but typically, the process includes applying the patch an hour before bedtime. Some brands recommend choosing an area that is comfortable and as hair-free as possible, such as your forearm, shoulder, calf, or the top of your foot. Go to sleep with the patch on, and remove it in the morning. Any adhesive that remains once the patch is removed can be cleaned off with soap and water. 

Melatonin patches are designed for one-time use and usually come in sets with multiple patches.”

“The brain produces melatonin to help prepare the body for sleep. The hormone helps regulate the body’s internal clock, or its circadian rhythms. Exposure to light stops this process.” says Medical News Today.“The body does not make any melatonin during the day; it only happens as it starts to get dark. As the body releases the hormone into the blood, a person starts to feel less alert and more sleepy. The brain produces the hormone all night then stops in the morning.”