Horse Exercise Trainer Dead

Callie Witt, Killed in Horseback Accident.

Josh Murphy, staff. writer

On April 29, 2022, Callie Witt died. Witt was an exercise rider who passed away after the Keeneland‘s Spring Meet.

Callie Witt, riding. (Lex 18)

According to Lex 18, when talking to Keeneland‘s Vice President of Equine Safety, Dr. Stuart Brown, about Witt, he said, “While performing a routine gallop on an unraced 2-year old filly, the horse changed stride, causing Callie to be dismounted, landing on the inner… training track…” The high speed with a galloping horse, and a change in stride (when the leading leg changes lead), was what caused Witt to fall.  According to Wave3, when Witt fell because of the lead change, she hit a pole or railing and died shortly afterwards as a result of her injuries.


According to Lex 18, other riders and trainers praised Witt. Dixie Kendall, a coordinator at BCTC Equine program, said about Witt, “She was always positive, always the first one to show up, last one to leave. Eager to learn.” Another trainer, Wesley Ward, has had many falls and spills herself while riding. Ward said, “Thank God I came out unscathed, but many friends of mine have lost their lives and have been severely injured.” With Newton’s laws, if an object in motion will stay in motion till acted on by an outside force, the fast speeds and sudden changes that riders experience can easily end in falling off a horse. Many riders understand the risks of riding. 


Callie was 20 when her life was taken by this horseback injury. It’s always shocking to think about how going on what seems to be a simple ride on a horse can so quickly turn deadly.