Former MLB pitcher Turned Cop Later cop Dies on 9/11

Anthony Varvaro dies in wrong way crash on his way to 9/11 Memorial for work


Logan Fast

On Sunday, September 11, of this year, former MLB relief pitcher for Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox, and Seattle Mariners, 37 year old Anthony Varvaro, was killed during a wrong-way crash on his way to the 9/11 memorial service for work around 4:25 a.m.

Anthony Varvaro sadly had a lot to leave behind after passing. “Varvaro leaves behind a wife and four children”, according to the statement as stated by Kiely Westhoff on Sept. 11 of CNN. The CNN article continues saying, “The entire Port Authority family is heartbroken to learn of the tragic passing of Officer Anthony Varvaro” said Port Authority stated by CNN (Sept. 11th). DailyMail states that, “His funeral was held Thursday at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church in Staten Island” written by Andrea Cavallier from DailyMail  (Sep 15th).

Anthony had a quite successful baseball career in the major leagues. “For his major league career, he pitched 183 innings in 166 games, compiling a 3.23 earned run average, 150 strikeouts and one save” stated Dave Collins, a writer for WHIO (Sept. 11). “Varvaro became a police officer in December 2016 and was assigned to patrol for nearly five years before transferring to the Port Authority Police Academy to become an instructor” (Sep 11th) written by Dave Collins from WHIO. WHIO continues stating, “‘I figured that I had a pretty successful career in baseball, I had played a number of seasons, and I was fine moving on to the next step of my life’ he told the news paper” (Sep 11).