New information on upcoming Deltarune Chapters, no new ones this year

Deltarune Chapters 3, 4, and 5 have had some teasers and trailers released by Toby Fox.

According to, you can, “judge Susie’s rock throwing abilities” in the next chapters

Scott A. Barrows, Author

New information on Deltarune Chapter 3, 4, and 5 have been released According to Toby Fox, “A few more people are helping out, and the pace of the game creation is definitely improved from last time. The intention was to work on all three Chapters simultaneously, but so far we’ve mostly just gotten work done on Chapter 3 and 4.” (, September 19). Toby Fox also worked on UnderTale, and completed that with only 2 other people. Now that he has an entire team of people, hopefully the game will come out a lot faster.


Deltarune is a chapter based game that is a close relative to UnderTale. In the game you control Kris, the only human in a world full of monsters. You start off Chapter 1 by going to school, and being stuck in a group project with the bully, Susie. You see Susie eating the chalk for the blackboard, and you and her go to get some more from the supply closet. The closet is an entrance to a Dark World, which is where most of the game happens. That’s when a character named Ralsei introduces himself as the prince of the Dark Kingdom, and he shares a legend for Kris and Susie. The Legend is basically about an Angel who will descend from the Light World to help bring freedom to all the monsters. Ralsei, Kris, and Susie then go on an adventure to free one of the Dark Worlds, and along the way they meet some new people, Rouxls Kaard, Lancer, and Jevil, whom they fight and eventually win against. Jevil is a secret character, and can only be fought if you collect three broken keys and repair them. He does nothing to the story so far.


Deltarune Chapter 2 is a little weirder, with 2 endings. This Chapter takes place in only Cyber City, the second Dark World. If you do the regular route, you meet Spamton G. Spamton, The Queen, Berdly, and Noelle. This is also the Chapter where Kris truly knows that they are being controlled by the player. If you decide to fight the secret boss, then you get to fight Spamton in his NEO form. If you continue with the normal route, you fight the Cyber Queen, and recruit her for your town. If you decide to abandon the normal route entirely, then you can break Noelle (peer pressure), and cause her to freeze all the monsters that are in Cyber City. After you freeze everyone you can fight Spamton’s NEO form, and eventually freeze him. If you do this route, then you kill Berdly in the Dark World and Light World. At the end of both routes Kris ends up opening a third dark world. The world fades to black, and an ominous smile appears on screen.


A few teasers and trailers were released by Toby Fox on the official Deltarune website, including a few songs, artwork, and a small sample of the Queen’s dialogue. The first song was titled, “Hometown Day” which will be used when the player enters, or stays, in the Light World’s Hometown. The next song is called, “My Funky Town,” which is a reference to the Chapter 2 song for the CastleTown called, “My CastleTown”. It sounds like a jazzier version of “My CastleTown”. The final song is called, “Green Room”, and sounds like both Chapter’s “Hip Shop”. If you go to a secret url in the Deltarune website then you will find a slowed down version of, “Rude Buster” titled, “The Weather Always Sticks Together”, but only the first few seconds.


Toby Fox also released 5 images and 1 video on the new Chapters. Images 1, 2, and 3 could come from any of the Chapters, meanwhile image 4 is debatable, for it shows a new character that was not introduced in Chapter 2. When you come across a character, you can recruit them to go to your town, and they will stay there. If you don’t recruit them, and instead kill them, then they will not appear in your CastleTown. There would be no way for this character to just show up in the town unless they can travel the Dark Worlds like Ralsei. The 4th picture is of a new Dark World, supposedly the one that Kris opened at the end of Chapter 2. If you type “ramb” into the search bar of ( you get a little Easter egg that shows the Green Room music with the fourth picture. If you click on the left door on the picture you get to see two new characters (unnamed) with the song, “The Weather Always Sticks Together”. If you click on the middle door you get to see another character putting on a sock. If you click on the third door you see a turned off tv, no music.


Toby Fox and his team have made more progress on creating the game, but he still had some bad news to break to his fans. There will be no new Deltarune game released this year, but hopefully he will finish the Chapters soon. No release date has been announced yet.