Kansas City Halloween Party Shooting

7 shot at Halloween Party by Uninvited Guests


Kansas City Police Chief Karl Oakman gives an update on the Halloween party shooting. (CNN)

Scott A. Barrows

Monday, October 31, in Kansas City, 70 to 100 teens gathered at a party for Halloween. The host had put an advertisement on social media (not specified which platform) and said the party was invited only. An uninvited group of 4 to 6 showed up at the house in costumes, and when they were asked to leave the house, they opened fire. One 17-year-old was killed, and the other 6 that were shot were only injured. 1 person has been arrested, Kansas City Police says that the person is not necessarily a suspect. According to Kansas City Police Officer Karl Oakman, a witness said they were, “much older than the other kids at the party,” (Tuesday, CNN).


The Kansas City Police think they have found the vehicle that the suspects drove, a dark SUV. The shooting was supposed to have happened at around 9 P.M. when someone noticed the group shows up in costumes and masks. The owners of the house were present at the time. According to ABC on Tuesday, “Similar parties had been held at the house previously without any issues.” 


With more and more people getting their hands on illegal and legal guns, it’s likely that the number of mass shootings (four or more people, according to CNN) will only go up from here. According to Oakman, “This stuff in the community has to stop. There are far too many guns out here. This was a party with high school-aged students. Everyone has guns now. We need to be smarter than this.” (CNN, Tuesday).