Governor Mike DeWine Has Officially Won a Second 4 Year Term as Governor

Incumbent Governor Mike DeWine Defeated Hopeful Nan Whaley.


Vivien McClain Photography from of Mike DeWine

Henry Colley-Lambright, Staff Writer

Mike DeWine won the race for governor with over 60 percent of the votes while Nan Whaley had under 40 percent. This was the expected outcome of the race. The midterm elections were held on November 8, 2022. With Republicans winning both the governor and senate races.

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DeWine won his first term in 2018. He is the 70th governor of Ohio. According to an interview with ABC6, DeWine plans to focus on care for children in his next term, but he has also continued delaying executions. He appears to be unaffected by the election and continues to move forward with his plans.

DeWine has also delayed several executions already due to a lack of lethal drugs. The 3 death-row inmates were to be executed early next year but Fox 8 News claims that DeWine has delayed the executions until 2026. This isn’t the first time DeWine has delayed executions. He delayed execution to January 2026 in August. DeWine cites his reasoning as the lack of available injectable drugs to execute the inmates.

The governor also supported both Ohio Issue 1 and Issue 2 claims, The Columbus Dispatch. Issue 1 regards considering public safety during the process of setting bail. Issue 2 concerns preventing non-US citizens from voting. His support may have earned support from some who considered these to be important issues.

Since DeWine won the race he will serve as governor for 4 more years, until the next midterm, which is when he reaches his term limit. This means that there will be 2 new candidates next midterm.

DeWine has earned a second term, and is already shown that he plans to make the most of it. Hopefully, he provides the Ohioans who voted for him with the governor they hoped for.