Taylor Swift Ticketmaster Sales Gone Wrong

Ticketmaster has failed many Taylor Swift fans with the new “Eras Tour” ticket sales being canceled.



Jae'da Jennings, Student Writer

 Taylor Swift came out with her new Eras tour and everyone wants a ticket to be able to go see it. The sale for the Eras tour started November 15, 2022 and ever since then, fans have been going crazy and trying to get their tickets. All the Taylor Swift fans are demanding tickets and it’s causing quite the uproar especially for the site Ticketmaster.


The hype is all around this tour because it is Taylor Swift’s first tour in 5 years so all her fans are making sure that they are there.  Due to everyone trying to be there, Ticketmaster was one of the main websites that were selling these tickets, but their website also has a verified fan program. This program kicks out people that might be bots and even speculators, with the program being made for helping the high demands of tickets. So due to this program within Ticketmaster, millions of people were kicked or locked out of the website and that was the first of many dominoes to fall and make many fans upset. “Fans blamed Ticketmaster while others, including members of Congress, heavily criticized the company’s control of the live music industry” says Frank Pallato November, 18, 2022 CNN.com. The platform kept on not loading, and glitching some people couldnt even access their own tickets because of how many people were on the site. The website couldn’t handle the amount of demands for the tickets and they didn’t even have enough tickets to go further with selling the tickets. 

So after all of those complaints and very mad fans of Taylor Swift, Ticketmaster canceled all selling of the tickets on their site on November 18, 2022. The star of this upcoming tour, Taylor Swift has spoken out about this Ticketmaster fiasco. “I’m not going to make excuses for anyone because we asked them, multiple times, if they could handle this kind of demand and we were assured they could, ” the singer wrote” says Frank Pallato November 18 2022 CNN.com. Taylor has also admitted to being very protective of her fans so this just upsets her that Ticketmaster said they could handle it but they really couldn’t. Now just mad Taylor Swift fans remain with no tickets, and now Ticketmaster must face the backlash that will come.