5 Shot in Cleveland; 1 Victim in Critical Condition

Man Shot Five People in Cleveland Home, Leaving One in Critical Condition

Active police car. Located in Cleveland Ohio
Credit; Google Images

Active police car. Located in Cleveland Ohio Credit; Google Images

Ella Jordan, Staff Writer

A man, Martin Muniz, has been arrested for shooting five people, four of them are dead and one is in critical condition. Muniz went to Mack Court, a street in Cleveland, Ohio, on Friday, January 13, 2023, at approximately 7:10 p.m. He then proceeded to shoot and kill three of the victims in the home.

 The victims Angelic Gonzalez, Jayden Baez, and Miguel Gonzalez were found dead at the scene. However, the fourth victim, Anthony Boothe, died at the hospital later that night. 

A little girl, who is still unnamed, is still at the hospital in critical condition. According to WDTN writers Ed Gallek, Peggy Gallek, and Cris Belle stated on January 18, “Her daughter, who is 8, is at the hospital in critical condition”.

When revisiting the scene investigators stated that each victim was recovered from a different room in the home where they were shot. Each one of the victims was shot in the head.

 The only victim that had been shot multiple times was Miguel Gonzalez. Miguel is Muniz’ uncle as well as Angelic’s father. Angelic is Muniz’ half-sister. Jayden Baez is Angelics’ son along with Anthony Boothe who is her husband. 

According to reporters at WDTN, Muniz was previously convicted in the state of New Jersey for attempted aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. It was also brought to their attention that he had violated parole with weapon violations. 

He was sent to prison for four years. WDTN reporters Ed Gallek, Peggy Gallek, and Cris Belle, then stated on January 18, 2023, “The court docket also indicates that Muniz got arrested in New Jersey while suspected of having a loaded gun and drugs in a school zone.”

Muniz is facing multiple aggravated murder charges. At court on Tuesday, January, 13, Muniz pleaded not guilty and was presented with a $5 million bond. 

WDTN reporters said, “The suspect in the Mack Court quadruple murder is being held on a $5 million bond after pleading not guilty Tuesday at his arraignment.”

Reporters stated “During his arraignment, in requesting the $5 million bond, prosecutors told Judge Charles Patton that Muniz is a flight risk because he has no residence in Ohio and has residential ties in New Jersey and Illinois. The prosecutor also spoke of Muniz’s criminal history in New Jersey and Florida.” (Jan. 13, 2023)