Dollar General stores accused of overcharging in Ohio locations

David Yost has sued Dollar General over overcharging customers!

Image taken from Dollar General

Image taken from Dollar General

Rhys White

On November 1st, 2022, Dave Yost sued Ohio’s Dollar General stores due to overcharging. According to, “inspectors in Butler County found pricing error rates ranging from 16.7% to 88.2% in 20 Dollar General stores.” While under Ohio’s department of agriculture laws, stores are only allowed a margin of 2% error rate. Worker environments are less than adequate and are incredibly unsanitary. Boxes everywhere and of course, prices overcharging customers. 

Image of crowded work spaces from Wikipedia


In the Englewood location, things aren’t much better. An interview with a Dollar General worker reveals their true thoughts on the store. The worker was asked questions about the store and the management. The interview goes as follows:

Image of aisles via Wikipedia


How would you describe the work environment?

“Busy. Uh, cramped at times and very disorganized with all the boxes everywhere.”

Following the Yost lawsuit, what has changed in the workplace overall? 

“We’ve had to do a lot more price adjustments but other than that nothing is too different”

Have you caught any overcharges?

“A few overcharges we changed when we saw but we did have a few incorrect pricings

“Would you recommend working with the franchise to anyone?”

“Working there? Absolutely not. District does not take care of employees. The franchise itself is fine and the coworkers are fine but the dissatisfaction I’ve had working there comes from the management.”

Image from Dollar General

The worker then provided their input on the manager, who the employee stated as “He’s terrible.” The store itself is described as disorganized and cramped with boxes full of merchandise crowding the aisles. Yost has requested a large sum of money in damages and repayment to all overcharged customers. Dollar General has responded to all of the commotion with saying the allegations are too vague to be counted. According to, Yost also requested a restraining order against the franchise until all debts are repaid.