Another Train Goes Off the Rails

On February 19th A Train in Delphos Ohio came off the tracks

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On February 19th 12:45am train in Delphos Ohio came off the tracks at the crossing on the intersection of Bank Street and South Bredeick Street making it the second derailment to occur this month.

An article was already written on another train derailment that took place on the 3rd of February by one of the writers , Henry Colley-Lambright on The Thunder (Published February 23). That train was transporting chemicals that were dangerous to breathe so people were evacuated. The caution warning has since been lifted. The second train derailment knocked down a powerline, but no danger has been expressed. No toxic chemicals were said to be present with no need to stress. The train cars were empty, no silvans were hurt. Although, the same thing can’t be said for a pair of electrical poles causing loss of power. The derailed train toppled them over to be said by, “it jumped the track” (Monday February 20th 2023, Graig Graziosi). The intersection was closed. however the fire department cleared  that area later that Sunday.

photo taken from lima.ohio news

Type of train that crashed was a Chicago, Ft. Wayne & Eastern Railroad (CFE) train. Why the train crashed is still a mystery. (Craig Kelly Feb. 20th 2023) got a quote from the Genesee & Wyoming Railroad vice-president of communications, Tom Cummins saying, “An investigation into the cause of the incident is underway by our team and can take a few days to determine.”From there, officials have worked hard to investigate. More of Tom’s article says that all the cars stayed up right. The cause has since been discovered to be a result of a, “mismatched rail-head on the tracks because of a loose bolt.” (Tom Cummins Feb 22nd 2023). 

Since the train deraliment on the 19th, there have been no other reported train issues.