Underrated Game Spotlight: Your Turn To Die: Death Game by Majority

Underrated Game Spotlight: Your Turn To Die: Death Game by Majority

Rhys White, Assistant Editor


Your Turn To Die: Death Game by Majority is a multi-ending horror click and point puzzle game where you play as Sarah Chidouin trying to solve your way to saving your new friends from being murdered. You encounter many tough choices throughout the entire game, all of which impact the ending you get. The game starts out from the point of view of Sarah Chidouin and Joe Tazuna, two high-school students who are walking home from school. They start to notice a mysterious stalker lurking closely behind them so they walk faster. Suddenly when Sarah gets home, she finds her family is unconscious. Joe and her immediately begin to call the police when they are knocked out too. The duo wake up in a mysterious facility and the story takes off from there.

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The pair wake up inside a room locked in place on what seems to be a hospital bed, and to their side they can see a similar room through a window. However, in that room, the beds are folded in half, therefore crushing the people to death. Sara finds a key next to her and tries it on her restraints but it is too big. Suddenly, a timer starts counting down in the room, leaving Joe and Sara 30 seconds to escape. Sara tosses Joe the key and it works on his restraints. All hope seems to be lost for Sara when Joe realizes that the key is made of wax, so he melts it a little bit by using a candle in the room, and at the last second, he manages to get Sara out of the trap.

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The two take a moment to collect themselves and then move on out of the room. Outside the room, they fall into an area where other people are waiting. The 9 people who are waiting for something to happen go by the names of: Sou Hiyori who wears a green beanie and a red scarf, Kanna Kizuchi who wears a bucket for a hat and a green school uniform, Keiji Shinogi who has dull yellow hair and a brown vest, Q-Taro Burgerberg who is all of the colors you’d expect to see in a McDonald’s Play Place, Reko Yabusame who is a goth rockstar, Nao Egokoro who is an artist, Kai Satou who wears a bloody apron and has dark lost eyes with dilated pupils, Gin Ibushi who is a 12 year old child dressed up like a cat, and Kazumi Mishima who is a school teacher.

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All of these characters have one thing in common; they all have the same necklace on. It’s odd but nobody questions it for much longer because they all find that they need to find and put together all of the parts of a doll. Once they put the doll together, it assembles and comes to life! It introduces itself as Sue Miley and begins the practice round of the death game. Everyone votes for the school teacher, Kazumi Mishima, because they think it is just a practice round. Suddenly, his necklace starts heating up and it does not stop. Everyone watches and tries to stop it, but Mishima is already gone. From here, the game gets a whole lot more sinister. With cards that decide the next votes, guilty liars, dolls, and a banquet of pure evil, the player must play judge, jury, and executioner.

An interview with Logan Fast, who has not played Your Turn to Die

Rhys: ”If you were kidnapped and put into the same situation as Sara and Joe, what would you do?”

Logan: “Not vote myself lol”

Rhys: “In the event you were voted out, what would your reaction be?”

Logan: “Everyone is going with me.”

Rhys: “How would you plot to escape”

Logan: “Me and my bestie are voting everyone else out”

Rhys: “And which card would you want to get?”

Logan: “Key-master because I like things that give me a challenge.”

Rhys: “Who would you vote to die?

Logan: “Sou Hiyori because I’d get tired and fed up with those kinds of people.”

Rhys: “And if you had the chance, would you play this game”

Logan: “Yes, absolutely.”