Cruise Line Gets Lawsuit for Letting Passenger’s Body Decompose

Family Sues Cruise Line for Mishandling Body That had Died Earlier in the Week on the Ship

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Hannah Craft, Writer

On April 22, 2023, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, reported that a family was suing the cruiser ‘Celebrity’ for storing a family member’s body for a week on the boat. On August 15, 2022, a man named Robert Jones suffered a heart attack while on the boat, and he ended up passing away while on the ship. Marilyn Jones the wife of Robert Jones is suing the cruise line for allegedly mishandling her husband’s body by storing him in a walk-in-cooler where all the drinks were held for the rest of the week. The family was promised that he would be put in a properly chilled morgue, but the widow is now filing a lawsuit. During the week, the body ended up turning green, as well as getting bloated from the temperatures of the walk-in cooler. The family was not able to have an open casket funeral like they wanted. Marilyn Jones, her two daughters, and three grandchildren are seeking $1 million for emotional and physical damage to the family. When the lawsuit was filed, cruise line members had told that they gave Marilyn Jones an option. They told her that they could take her husband’s body off at the next stop, which was Puerto Rico, and store it in a morgue for the six days that the cruise ship was still going on. The crew told her that if she chose to keep him in Puerto Rico that she would have to arrange transportation for him and herself to get back to Florida. She had said that she picked the morgue for her husband, but he ended up not being there. The actions of the cruise line had left the family with emotional trauma after seeing Jones’ body all decomposed, the family has attorneys that are now seeking a trial for the traumatic events that had occurred during that week.

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