Big Project, Big Energy

A Large Solar panel project for Dayton Ohio is a step closer to production, it is set to begin in late 2024.

Image from wikipeda

Image from wikipeda

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The project has been named, ‘The Gem City Solar Project’. This will be the largest project Dayton has produced. The goal is to help reduce the carbon footprint with clean and renewable energy for the locals. In addition to creating a more stable power source. This new project will be able to power 13,000 local homes. The company behind the project, TED (Tyr Energy Development) Renewables wants to produce the panels project.  These solar panels will be able to generate 49.9 megawatts of electricity.


According to a PDF of a Dayton Daily news article written by by Cornelius Frolik, attached to a piece, the the company wishes to, “turn a 263 acres of agricultural property north of the intersection of Hoover Avenue and Olive Road in West Dayton into a solar park.” (January 24 2023) 

The soil on which the solar panels sit will not go to waste.TED Renewables intends to plant many native seeds in the area to avoid a runoff. The acreage may not be as big as 263 like the company hopes however. 70 of those acres are zoned for residential and must be rezoned for a business park designation. 

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There are more than 2,500 solar panel farms across the United States. Ohio at least 2 of these farms with this new one in Dayton, close to construction.


As of May 15th the total cost of ‘The Gem City Gem City Solar Project’ is unknown. Fortunately the cost of projects similar size is, “between about $75 million to $85 million,” Cornelius (May 15 2023) writes in another article on the topic.


With the increase of solar panels across the U.S the hope to have clean renewable energy and a smaller carbon footprint get closer to being within reach.