What Do You Think About Exams?

Students Respond to the Reality of Exams

Junior Shelby Hunter working hard on her exam.

Junior Shelby Hunter working hard on her exam.

Cody Shuster, Sports Editor

The same thing happens every January. Exams. And with exams come hundreds of questions, an adjusted schedule, and some difficult tests.

“I feel like we need something to demonstrate what we have learned, but it’s ridiculous how we have to remember every specific detail when we have six classes to study for. We’re not robots,” said junior Hannah Thompson.

Some students feel that exams are important.

“Exams are necessary in the sense that we need to show progress on that class we took. Plus, it is good preparation for college exams,” said senior Connor McInnes.

Another common complaint from students is the length of the exams.

“I don’t like how many questions we have on every exam. With the way the schedule is, a student could take up to four exams a day. Let’s say that those exams are all 100 questions. That student had 400 questions in one day, that’s too much stress for anyone,” said sophomore Colton Shuster.

Other students share that opinion.

“They’re unrealistic. I can’t think of a time when a teacher would ever give us a 150 question test, it’s a lot of information and the idea that a student should memorize all the information isn’t reasonable. If a student has 150 question tests in three to five different classes, that student will forget a lot of the information,” said sophomore Kylie Baichly.

During exam week, the schedule is shifted around in order to meet a necessary amount of allotted time.

“The schedule is just a mess. I understand why we need extra time for exams, but why not just make each class an hour long and let students out early on exam days,” said junior Brant Kindred.

Some students feel a bit different about the schedule.

“I like that they split it up into two days and give us a lot of time,” said junior Shelby Hunter. “But I don’t like having a full day of exams. It’s really stressful trying to study for four big tests in one day.”

Although the midterms just passed, the second semester will be bringing final exams with it. The best advice is to follow along now to be prepared for the finals.