Joining the Breakfast Club

An Interview with K99.1 FM’s Nancy Wilson


Northmont senior and Surge editor Mary McKinney visits K99.1FM The Breakfast Club co-hosts Nancy Wilson and Frye Guy.

Mary McKinney, Life and Opinion Editor

Nancy Wilson, radio talk show host on K99.1 FM, has been part of “The Breakfast Club” for 26 years.

Wilson was working in Springfield at another radio station, WBLY/WAZU, when a friend called her to say they had an opening at K99.1 right after they switched over to country music in March of 1989. After an interview and a job offer, Wilson has been working there ever since.

“I love country music because it’s real. It’s about real things happening to real people. It can make you feel happy and great and can bring you to tears, but it’s always real,” said Wilson.

Wilson also enjoys working with her co-host, Frye Guy.

“I love working with Frye Guy and getting to meet all our great listeners. Not going to lie, I love country music and always get excited to meet my favorite artists—which are all of them!” said Wilson.

Wilson and Frye Guy are also very similar; they both grew up in the Dayton area, both exhibited strong journalistic actions at a young age, both love being on the radio, and they both appreciate country music for what it is.

“Nancy is my best friend and I love getting to work with her. Nancy and I doing the Breakfast Club in the morning is just like getting to hang out with her anywhere else. We get to have fun conversations and do a lot of fun things together like the CMA awards, even though it is not a vacation like everyone would think,” said Frye Guy.

Growing up, Wilson was always the one to ask “why” when she would interview her family and she has always been fascinated with celebrities. Some of the people that she admires are Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, Taylor Swift, and Trisha Yearwood. She admires these women because they are true to who they are and they stuck to what they wanted, much like Wilson. Before working at K99, Wilson worked at WBLY/WAZU from 1986-1989, at WIZE in Springfield from 1985-1986, and before that she was a bank teller. Like many others, Wilson changed majors in college. She attended the University of Dayton for civil engineering, but quickly realized that this was not for her.

“I may have been salutatorian at my high school, but I was in a class of 70 kids. My high school did not offer a lot of the math that was needed for civil engineering,” said Wilson.

It did not take long before she figured what she would rather do. As she was walking through the student union one day, she heard the campus radio station, and thought, that’s what I want to do.

Wilson says that she loves spending her free time with her family and friends. She loves to go to Dayton Flyer basketball games, use Facebook and Twitter, and hang out with her cat, Casper. She also enjoys watching “The Voice,” reality shows like “Survivor,” re-runs of old shows like “Roseanne,” and she watches ET and CMT. She also enjoys “Man vs. Food” and Trisha Yearwood’s cooking show.

She has enjoyed bowling since she was very little and that influenced her while playing softball in high school. She started at third base but soon realized she could pitch because it was the same motion she had used for years while bowling. She played recreational volleyball for years and she still loves to play volleyball but it has to be good, competitive, and by the rules.

It is rare to end up having a job so close to a dream you had as a child. It also rarely happens that you end up working so close to your hometown (Wilson is from South Charleston, Ohio, which is about 45 minutes away from Dayton). Wilson is someone who has followed her dreams to the end.