Liam Neeson uses his “particular set of skills” for the third time…

Courtesy of IMDB.com

Courtesy of IMDB.com

Emma Saltsman, Staff Writer

Liam Neeson returns as Bryan Mills in the new movie Taken 3. The third movie takes a different turn than the other Taken movies. Instead of the main character, Bryan Mills, saving his family from European slave traders, Mills must save himself in his own hometown.

The movie begins with Mills and his ex-wife, Lenore, rekindling their love. Lenore admits she wants to get back together with Mills and considers leaving her current husband. Their reconciliation is cut short when Lenore is brutally murdered in Mills’s home. He goes into a rage after being framed for the murder and goes on the run to escape the CIA, FBI, and the police. His plan is to use his “particular set of skills” to track down the real killers and protect the only thing that matters to him, his daughter.

It was no surprise Taken and Taken 2  were better. This movie took a strange turn, not following the other two movies, and had the same story plot as The Fugitive. The only difference between the two movies was the killer, which was extremely obvious in Taken 3. The ‘bad guy’ is pointed out in the first 15 minutes of the movie by the evil music, so when the killer was finally pointed out, it was no surprise to the audience. The only “twist” in this movie was that the former Soviet Union special operations solider is unable to hit Mills at a close range.

Taken 3 was a boring movie because nothing really happened. Nothing led Mills to the real killer until the last 20 minutes of the movie. The whole hour and ten minutes before that were pointless. The only reason for those extra minutes was to show that the daughter, Kim, is also in trouble. Mills must save his daughter from the killer once again. You would think Kim would know some self defense at this point, she’s been kidnapped and sold into slavery and she still doesn’t know how to throw a punch. In reality, a dad like Bryan Mills would have taught his daughter how to fight by now.

When Mills escapes from the law to clear his name, it felt a little over productive. Mills did not have to find the murderer to clear his name. There was enough evidence to prove his innocence. When Lenore is killed at Mill’s house, Mills is at a bagel shop to get breakfast where there is a video camera. The police could easily put together that the time of the murder and the time of when he was at the bagel shop did line up, proving his innocence. He didn’t have to go on the run in the first place to clear his name or kill all of those people. In fact, he could have gone to jail for murder, resisting arrest, and assaulting an officer.

Taken 3 will take your eight dollars at the movie theater, and it’s not really worth it…