Does Anyone Really Care About The Super Bowl?


Enzo Libertini, News and Entertainment Editor

The Super Bowl has become a social event that goes far beyond the sport of football. It is now a day when America stops and pays attention to something together. The NFL has had a heck of a year; domestic violence, child abuse, and deflated balls are just a few of the twists and turns this season has had. So many people watched the Super Bowl, but most of those people didn’t watch it for the game. Clever commercials and an elaborate halftime show draw in far more viewers than the Patriots or the Seahawks. With only two teams in the NFL left to play, most football fans watch the game disappointed that their team was beaten weeks ago. Most people don’t even care who wins unless they have money on a specific team and even then that team might not be their favorite. Clearly hard-core Patriots and Seahawks fans care about the Super Bowl, but does everyone else?

The commercials weren’t even that good this year. The best among them was the one featuring Walter White from Breaking Bad and the Fiat commercial involving a male enhancement pill. All the rest seemed way more serious than in years past. Even those advertising during the Super Bowl don’t care about it because they don’t think they have to try and make things funny. It takes more than just a rough re-telling of the tortoise and the hare to make someone laugh.

Katy Perry didn’t even care about it. Sure, she cared about the opportunity and her performance, but when it came to the actual game probably not. Also I thought Lenny Kravitz died? Didn’t the capitol have him killed for designing Katniss’s Mocking Jay costume?  I guess he cares because he came back to life to out perform Perry on her own song. Whoever was in those cartoon shark costumes must not care about their own integrity let alone the Super Bowl.

The sportscasters, that do twelve hours of pre-game coverage, don’t care about the game either. Most of them have been talking about football since August. After five months of non-stop football, all they have left to talk about is how both teams are amazing and either could win, when it’s more than obvious that they have no idea what’s going to happen.

Pete Carrol, head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, doesn’t even care about the Super Bowl because he flat out gave it to the Patriots. They were on the one yard line with the best running back in the league on their team and they decide to make a pass. The ball is intercepted and the Patriots win. Clearly the coaching staff of the Seahawks doesn’t care and neither does anyone else. No one cares about the Super Bowl, we just watch it.