D-I-Light Up Your Room

Create Cool Lighting to Switch Things Up


Courtesy of Pinterest

Courtney Davis , Staff Writer

It’s always fun to switch up your room, but that can also be expensive, so why not DIY? Something fun you can do to switch up your room is change the lighting.

Find some tin cans (you can even spray paint them yourself), nails, a hammer, and candles (real or battery-operated).

Use the hammer and nails to poke holes in your tin cans. Make as many holes as you want; the more holes, the more light will shine through. Then set a candle inside. There you go! They make such a cute decoration for your room and look awesome!

You can also decorate the cans by adding sparkly paint or rhinestones. Try making the rhinestones in the shape of your initial to make them customized.

This DIY is also a great activity to do at parties with your friends.