U-Korner: No Snow Days in Ukraine

Sia Skoryk Describes “Snow Days” in Ukraine


Sia Skoryk looks out the front door of her host family’s home in Englewood on a January Snow Day.

Anastasiia Skoryk, Guest Columnist

We all know that weather can change every day in Ohio. There can be different weather every day, if not every hour. Snow days are hard to predict.

In Ukraine, however, students do not have snow days, although the climate is similar to the climate in Ohio. The main reasons why Ukrainians don’t have snow days is because people don’t get drivers’ licenses at the age of 18, so students usually don’t drive to school. Using public transportation to get to school is very popular.

In big cities in Ukraine, only public transportation is allowed. So, even if Ukrainians have a lot of snow and ice, they go to school.

One exception is when the number of sick students increases. That happens almost every year. In this case, Ukraine can have a week free from school. Students are not allowed to go out from their homes during this week, but most of them break this rule and go out and have fun.

These emergency weeks off are not planned, so Ukrainian students still have to do their homework and extra work on their computers at home. That is really convenient, because when they go back to school they will be caught up.

In winter, Ukrainian teenagers like to spend time with their friends, go to the cinema, and go to entertainment centers. Where the climate is softer, for example near the sea, it is usually warmwe and teens can walk or the bravest can even swim in the winter!