Go On A Date With . . . . A Book

The IMC Rescues Single Lovers This Coming Valentines Day


IMC Blind Date With A Book Display.

Mary McKinney, Life and Opinion Editor

The IMC has a special Go on a blind date with a book for Valentine’s Day.

The display is set up right inside the IMC doors.

“I was first introduced to it at a library conference I attended. I also used Pinterest to elaborate on the idea. The book club also wanted to include a speed dating where there would be multiple books at a table and they had to look at the books and find a match. With the snow days this year, we have not been able to instigate that,” said Library media specialist Ms. Jan Duckro.

Specially-selected have been wrapped by the IMC staff in paper. Students can read a short description that hints to what the book is about on the front of the wrapping. Then, after choosing a wrapped book, it can be checked out. Students can then unwrap their “blind date” and find out what book they’ve chosen.

“The students have told me they like the idea and thought it was a neat idea,” said Duckro.

No matter if you’re single or in a relationship, you should check out the IMC for a great new book.