Trying to Schedule Scheduling

Freshmen Face Scheduling, Weather, and PARCC


Freshman Daniel Hughes fights the exhaustion of scheduling week while holding an official freshman scheduling card.

Elanie Prater, Freshman Beat Writer

Scheduling is always a difficult time, and freshmen face new challenges with scheduling this week, as it is also the week of the new PARCC testing. Freshmen are also dreading next year with all the new requirements added onto their graduation eligibility. In addition, some freshmen are having trouble trying to figure out their schedule now that American History is not being offered during summer school. The weather has not been in their favor, either.

“It’s hard, especially with all the delays,” said freshman Daniel Hughes (pictured).

Most freshmen were too worried about the PARCC testing to even have time to think about scheduling.

“I feel very stressed because I have to worry about the new tests and also what classes I want to take in the upcoming school year,” said freshman Cassidy Smith.

However, not all freshmen hate scheduling because it’s an indication the year is almost over.

“I liked scheduling,” said freshman Caitlin Hoyng, who is excited to take new classes next year.

The timing of scheduling was an issue as well, and some wished it would have been either later or sooner in the year.

“I was fine with scheduling, except I was so busy that I didn’t have much time to think about what I wanted. In the end I didn’t even have enough room on my schedule for electives,” said freshman Lindsey Mutter.

Others don’t want this year to be over yet.

“I just want to take a break and slow down. All my classes are moving really fast to get us ready for next year when I don’t really want to move on yet,” said freshman Sydney McGilton.

Scheduling is a difficult time, regardless, and the PARCC testing paired with the weather delays certainly haven’t helped.