Does Anyone Care about Sunshine


Enzo Libertini, News and Entertainment Editor

I think I speak for everyone when I say winter needs to just end. The cold has been raging on for months, and the days off from school have been nice, but I would gladly go to school the rest of the year if it meant I didn’t have to walk through slush to get to my car.

I’m ready for daylight savings time, too. It gets dark way too early. I hate leaving work at six on a Saturday and having to see the street lights on, and the moon in the sky. I think we all thought March would bring us some relief, but so far we’ve been wrong.

Third quarter has always been pivotal. It is pivotal not just because it is a heavy quarter for grading, but also because it is the final door between us and the sight of the light at the end of the tunnel. If your Senioritis hasn’t kicked in yet, then you’re probably a freshman or just one of those overachieving people that could probably live in this school year forever.

Even the teachers begin to slack a little bit in third quarter, which is really bad considering how behind they probably are with all that school we’ve missed.

With all of the weather and the early nights, it’s sometimes hard for someone who spends the majority of their time indoors to get a glimpse of the sun. It’s a good thing we put vitamin D in almost everything. Thanks to science we don’t even need the sun.

Heck, natural sunlight has never been enough for us. We’ve been trying to replace it ever since we first discovered how to make fire. Most every smart phone has a flashlight now, talk about convenient. The sun doesn’t even have a flashlight, how useless is that?

If we really cared about the sun, wouldn’t we have tried to go there? We’ve been to the moon like five times and the moon hardly does anything. Yeah, it maintains our ocean’s tides, but it doesn’t grow our food. Just think about it, we’ve never been on the surface of where our food and energy comes from.

Humans have hit golf balls on the moon imagine hitting golf balls on the sun it would probably be like fireworks. I know what you’re thinking, wouldn’t we disintegrate if we got anywhere close to the sun? Of course we would, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. It was easy to go to the moon, but going to the sun, now that would be an achievement. But of course we never will, because no one cares about the sun.