The Global Laws You Could Be Breaking


Juniors Dylana Harris and Ericka Postel would be arrested in Singapore for chewing gum.

Emma Saltsman, Staff Writer

In Yangon, a country in Asia, three men from Burma were arrested and sentenced to two and a half years in jail because they posted a Facebook image of Buddha wearing headphones to promote an event. The Yangon court said their offense was insulting a religion through pictures.

This sentencing is a reminder how easy it is to get in trouble around the world for crimes you don’t know are crimes.

Venice: In Venice, Italy, it is illegal to feed the pigeons. You can be fined 75 U.S. dollars.

Singapore: It is illegal to chew gum on the MRT (subway), and if you spit gum on the street, you can also be fined up to 500 U.S. dollars.

Florence: In Florence, Italy, it is an offense to sit on steps and courtyards, or eat and drink within the vicinity of churches and public buildings. You can be given a large fine.

Saudi Arabia: It is illegal to photograph government buildings and palaces. You can be arrested and given a detention, or held in official custody.

Barbados: It is illegal to dress in camouflage clothing or carry anything covered in camouflage. You can be fined.

Peru: It is illegal to purchase any souvenir made with animal parts, this includes feathers. You can also be fined for this.