Junior Schedules Become More Complicated

ACT Prep Class Required for Next Year’s Juniors


Sophomore Tabatha Hanna is choosing to waive the ACT Prep course for her junior year.

Taylor Harmon, Staff Writer

In the 2015-2016 school year, upcoming juniors will be taking ACT Prep, a semester-long class meant to prepare students for the American College Test (ACT). The course is designed to improve students’ ACT scores by teaching them test taking strategies, sample questions, and practice tests.

Students are overwhelmingly against being forced to take the course, believing there are other classes they could be taking.

“I don’t like the idea of the class,” said sophomore Crystal Davis. “It takes a period out of the day that could be replaced with a class that covers my interest of study.”

The course has also caused issues with upcoming juniors’ schedules, making them overcrowded.

“Juniors are going to have too full schedules since they are making (American) Government a full year class and having the ACT Prep class,” said sophomore Molly Buchanan.

There is hope for upcoming juniors that do not want to take the class. They can waive the class if they meet requirements.

“Although it is a requirement some students may be able to opt-out by meeting one of the following criteria: 3.5 GPA, 190 PSAT score, 23 ACT score, or 2 honors courses with a B average,” said Assistant Principal Mr. Chad Kaltenbach.

The students that still have to take the class can take some comfort that it isn’t a full year course and only lasts a semester.