Prom is A Whole New World

The 2015 Prom


Students attending the 2015 prom were greeted by “A Whole New World.” The annual dance was held from 8 pm – 11 pm at the Miami Valley Career Technology Center on Saturday, April 18.

The theme of Northmont’s Prom for 2015 embraced Arabian Nights. The theme was based on the Disney movie Aladdin’s song “A Whole New World.”

“Through much bickering. We all said a theme we thought would be good for our prom and did process of elimination and then took a vote for the last two to decide,” said junior Bethany Groves.

The decorations for “A Whole New World” consisted of decorated mason jars, messages in a bottle, balloons, and the opening entry way.

“We decorated over 60 mason jars which will be put on all the tables and very in size and color. We painted and spray painted poles and the tops of the poles to be put all around CTC. We have blue, purple, and gold tule that we will decorate the entry way with and the dance area,” said junior Olivia Williams.

When students purchased their $20 ticket, they were supposed to receive a pen with “Prom 2015” on the side.

“The pens came in late, but students can still come back and get them from Mr. Wagner,” said junior Andrew Correll.

A variety of snacks and drinks were provided for students during the dance.

“I think we are having mini subs from Subway catered. Then I heard we will also be having like pretzels, fruit and chips,” said junior Abby Naas.

Ms. Mary Felton and Mr. Eric Wagner were in charge of the the 2015 Prom Committee made up of juniors John Bates, Rylie Richard, Naomi Baker, Rachel Leiter, Riley Jenkins, Sam Johnson, DJ Hudson, Andrew Correll, Aubri Pritchett, Kayla Auxier, Ashley Trottier, Morgan Harchaoui, Bethel Aseffa, Rachel Tracy, Abby Naas, Olivia Williams, and Bethany Groves.

Around 500 students attended prom this year with seniors Hannah Hapner and Ryan Cloud crowned prom queen and king.

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