Why Are You Here, Foreigner?

Anastasiia Skoryk, Guest Columnist

Exchange students Sia Skoryk And Franzi Schuetze enjoying their dinner
Exchange students Sia Skoryk And Franzi Schuetze enjoying their dinner

The end of the school year is coming and  I  want to say something that can be useful for   students in the future.

Exchange students are not here for fun. They are here to study culture abroad. Sometimes people don’t understand  in front of them stand real and serious people and that is why they shouldn’t ask stupid questions. But nobody thinks  that might hurt somebody’s feelings. Here some types of  things  that you shouldn’t  say to an  exchange student.

  1. Making fun of the history of  the country where the exchange student is from.

Trust me we heard it a lot, and most of the time we already know. On other continents countries   are located near each other and we all try to forget everything bad and keep moving forward. This is how life happens there and you have to be a really good friend of an exchange student to tell them jokes and make fun of their history.

  1.  Making fun of political conflict of the country where the exchange student is from.

This might hurt feelings even more than jokes about   history, because it happens now and relatives of exchange students can be involved or get into dangerous situations. Don’t say anything if you don’t know anything.

3. ”Why did you come here?”

Why? Because I am awesome.   The one thing that you have to understand   is that there is a difference in  “what is the reason of your being here?” and “why did you come here?”. If you  ask something like this, the  first impression of you will be disappointing.

  1. “ I would like to study abroad, but I love my parents too much”.

Really? And I don’t?   You have to know that exchange student sacrificed a lot to go to another country, including  one whole year of life. Could you do that?

I hope that this information will help you to understand more about weird foreigners and get useful information which can help in the you future.