Season Changing and Closet Rearranging

Students Plan to Conquer Fall Fashion


Naomi Baker

Senior Kaylyn Temple shows off her seasonal style.

Naomi Baker, Staff Writer

With the season changing, students are preparing their closets for a fashion-forward fall. 

“In the Fall, I go for more of a cozy dress-up type of look. Usually jeans and a nice jacket,” said junior Isaiah Jackson.

Cozy and warm pieces are being favored by students this season.

“This year, I am stocking up with flannels, boyfriend jeans, and lots of warm, neutral colors,”said senior Kaylyn Temple.

Color goes into fashion decisions as well.

“For fall, I definitely like to make sure I have plenty of vintage flannels, crew necks, and thick sweaters. I like to keep the colors of my tops dark and warm like maroon, navy, forest, burnt orange, brown, mustard,” said senior Jake Alexander.

Students turn to new looks during Fall.

“My go-to Fall look would be an oversized tee, cuffed denim, and ankle boots,” said Temple.

Oversized fits are definitely being embraced by Northmont students.

“My favorite fall outfits usually involve oversized tops, sometimes layering with denim or plaid. A pair of dark wash skinny jeans, sometimes lightly destroyed, or colored pants like forest, maroon, or brown. For shoes, neutral brown leather ankle boots or Sperrys,” said Alexander.

Other students rely on different pieces to perfect their look.

“I love pairing big sweaters, leggings and high boots. Also the big scarfs which, I mean, you can never go wrong with. I also love the high-waisted flowing pants because you can find them in any pattern and color and wear them with almost anything. For a dressier look, I love cardigans with embroidered blouses in the fall,” said freshman Leila Hill.

Denim plays a huge role in style options during the fall.

“I like to wear denim jeans with pretty much any casual top. I’ll never wear denim with a dressy top and I’ll never wear denim-on-denim,” said Parker.

Some students believe layering should be kept in moderation. Jackson feels you should layer, but be careful not to OVER layer. Parker feels layering could be used for protective purposes, like when it’s cold. Hill thinks layering is important for Fall and likes to pair scarfs with all her layered looks.

“I think my biggest tip or “do” for fall is color scheme. No bright, summer colors. Don’t wear sagging, ill-fitting jeans. Don’t mix athletic and more formal pieces. Don’t mismatch belt and shoes, keep them the same color,” said Alexander.

Students recommend that everyone be aware of fashion “do’s” and “don’ts” when it comes to Fall fashion.

“Combat boots…are so over-worn by girls these days. I don’t think people realize how many other options there are. You can find plenty of cute black or brown boots that can replace them! I think it’s important to branch out and try something new, rather than the same old thing everyone in school has,” said Temple, who believes combat boots are a “don’t” any time of the year.

Knowing where to look for the best Fall-finds is important. Students agreed Forever 21 and H&M were on their lists. Hill suggests shopping at Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria’s Secret, and Nordstrom. Parker leans more towards Love Culture, Anthropologie, and Papaya, as well as thrifting. With thrifting becoming a more and more popular option among students, Temple recommends Valley Thrift on Woodman Drive in Kettering. Jackson avoids stores altogether and says he shops online, for real.

Fashion tips and advice are always great to follow, but the best advice when it comes to style, no matter the season, is to be you!