Baby Steps

Mr. Eric Wagner Cares for Doll (for the most part)

Taylor Harmon, Staff Writer

Family and Consumer Sciences teaches students about life outside of high school, where they will take responsibility over their own expenses and potentially start families. Part of this curriculum includes child development, where students take care of a realistic baby doll. Prompted by his fellow teachers, Mr. Eric Wagner took on the challenge of caring for one of these dolls for a weekend.

“Mrs. Knight has asked me for several years to take one home,” said Wagner. “As the department chair, I thought it would be good for me to do. She didn’t think I could ever finish it so she sent it home to me and it was kind of fun on both ends.”

His care of the doll had varied success.

“Well, technically on Saturday, I didn’t do super well because I was at a family cookout so it didn’t have my attention,” said Wagner. “Sunday, though, I only missed two things. If you don’t register (that something was wrong) in two minutes, it goes off and it will count against you. So Sunday I did very well, Saturday…not so much.”

Like a real child, the doll will cry when it wants something.

“On Sunday, every time it cried, it was for a minimum for 35 minutes that you had to do something,” said Wagner.

To his credit, Wagner received a tougher deal than the students in the class.

“She gave me a harder schedule, that’s not normal,” said Wagner. On Saturday she gave me a normal schedule, and on Sunday she gave me the hardest one.”

Wagner still has high regard for the class.

“I think it’s a great class to take,” said Wagner. “You can learn a lot of things from it.”

However, he failed the course.

“I did not pass per se.” said Wagner.

Throughout this project, the teacher became the student. Wagner has proved that this class is no easy A, no matter who you are.