Dancing with the Stars…and Stripes

The Unexpected Side of Dustin Kallmeyer


Senior Dustin Kallmeyer stands at the back of his hip hop dance crew at their May recital in the high school auditorium.

Summer Vickery, Staff Writer

At school, students are used to seeing senior Dustin Kallmeyer in his ROTC uniform. However, the ROTC lieutenant has a side to him not many people know about: he is a hip hop dancer.

Kallmeyer participates in one of the hip hop dance classes at Miss Leslie’s School of Dance, where he dances once a week. The class puts on an annual recital.

“I like the awkward feeling of dancing in front of strangers,” said Kallmeyer.

Even though Kallmeyer spends his free time on the dance floor, his friends in ROTC support him.

“I accept Dustin no matter what he does because he’s my ‘brother’ and I support him with whatever he does,” said senior Kameron Brown, a fourth-year ROTC member. Brown and Kallmeyer have been friends since eighth grade.

Kallmeyer started dancing last year.

“I like to dance out my feelings and stress,” said Kallmeyer, whose favorite artist to dance to is Michael Jackson.

Because Kallmeyer’s plans after graduation include the Marine Corps, he will continue dancing with the stars and stripes.

Senior Dustin Kallmeyer in his ROTC uniform.
Senior Dustin Kallmeyer in his ROTC uniform.