For the Hallo-Win

Student Government Sponsors Costume Contest

Physics teacher Mr. Clif Martin (left) with first place winner, senior Shawn Richard

Harley Johnson, Staff Writer

On October 30, Lucille Ball and Pokemon visited Northmont High School, for the Student Government costume contest. With a cash reward, almost 40 students entered for the win. Costumed students entered the contest by tweeting a picture to Northmont’s Student Government account.

“I think I will be placed in the top three, considering the teachers are the ones that vote and all of most likely know Mr. Martin and will be able to relate to the costume,” said senior Shawn Richards who was dressed as physics teacher Mr. Clif Martin.

Students who didn’t participate had an idea of who they thought would win as well.

“There was a girl who dressed up as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas,” said freshman Faith Thompson.

Not only was senior Taylor Hungling’s costume of Sally, a fan favorite, so was senior Dustin Kallmeyer’s gender-bending-stage-worthy look.

“The best costume I have seen, that wasn’t mine, was probably Dustin Kallmeyer’s. He dressed up as Taylor Swift and it was great,” said senior Sydney Thomas, who was dressed as a Black Widow Bride.

Kallmeyer missed out on attending a Taylor Swift concert, so decided to dress as the singer for the contest.

Students perfected their costumes the morning of the contest.

“It took me at least half an hour to get ready,” said Hungling, while Thomas spent about twenty minutes.

Richards’ idea to dress as Martin won him first place. Senior Naomi Baker took home second place prize, dressed as Wonder Woman. The Bernie Sanders costume worn by junior Taylor Evans won her third place.