Music: The Only Thing That Makes Sense

A feature on senior Gab Schuh


Cody Shuster

Pictured above, senior Gab Schuh holds her acoustic guitar and ukulele.

Cody Shuster, Sports Editor

There are many activities a student can participate in while in high school, including everything from sports and art to drama and music.

“Music is the only thing that has ever made sense to me really,” said senior Gab Schuh. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a part of it [music] and my dad, my biggest influence on my life and music, was a sound engineer and musician himself. Growing up, I was always around music.”

Not only does Schuh play violin in the school orchestra, she also plays guitar and ukulele.

“I can’t pick a favorite instrument. They all have their own unique sounds and aspects that make them all so great,” said Schuh.

Outside of school, Schuh performs at various locations with her band, currently known as Dipping Skinny, although no official name has been decided yet. The group of four have high hopes for their future together.

“Our plan for the future is to move to Nashville by the end of next summer,” said Schuh.

The band, however, doesn’t label themselves with a single, specific genre.

“It’s hard to designate a genre to us because we’ve all decided not to put ourselves in a box. Currently, we’re preparing for an acoustic show where we pass the instrument and lead vocals around the circle, if that makes any sense,” said Schuh. “All I can say about our band is that we’re four best friends making music together currently without labels.”

Schuh often gets asked about her favorite kind of music, and she finds it hard to answer. She often wonders if the person asking is even ready to have that conversation with her.

“I grew up on old rock, yet I’ve studied classical violin for eight years now. But I have this unexplainable love for introspective rappers and poetic lyrics. I say I don’t like country music, but I can honestly say I know every word to every country song that comes on the radio. I listen to a ton of underground Indie, Folk, Alternative and any Progressive Rock bands you can think of. For some reason I even like metal. I love playing genres anywhere from jazz to acoustic indie so it’s super hard to pick one. Music is basically self expression and emotion put into different sounds so why would I pick just one genre?” said Schuh.

Whatever the genre may be, it is clear that Schuh is participating in what makes her happy.