Kings and Queens of 2016

Seniors Predict The Best of ‘The Best’


Senior Brittany Weatherford has heard she is leading the polls in Best Hair…and Best Flirt!

Naomi Baker, Staff Writer

The class of 2016 has selected their favorite seniors in a host of carefully chosen categories, and the results are being counted. Forms were distributed through Language Arts teachers and nominations were collected before Winter Break.

“I thought the categories were pretty basic,” said senior Rachael Leiter. “My favorite would have to be ‘Most Likely to be President’ though.” Leiter voted fellow seniors Jaylin Paschal and Shawn Richards for this category.

Rumors about results are surprising some students.

“I heard people are voting me for ‘Best Hair’ and ‘Biggest Flirt,’ which shocked me,” said senior Brittany Weatherford.

Senior Akilah Parker thought it was difficult to come up with a different student for each category, even though this was not a requirement for voting.

While some struggled to nominate students, others knew exactly who they were voting for.

“I voted Tori Anderson for ‘Most Likely to Bum It,'” said senior Shelby Hunter.

Most seniors have been pleased with the predictions.

“I thought it was funny that people were voting me for ‘Worst Case of Senioritis,’ because it’s pretty true,” said senior AjA Howard.

Some seniors had their own ideas for categories that didn’t make the ballot.

Leiter hoped “Most Changed Since Middle School,” “Most Likely to Get Married First,” and “Cutest Couple to Never Happen” would’ve made the list. Hunter had suggested “Middle School Couple You Wish Would’ve Lasted.”

Stay tuned for the list of 2016 Senior Best winners. The one rumor that is likely true, is that Senior Bests will be announced one at a time…