Everything Must Go!

High School Auction Approaches


One of the school buses being auctioned off at the high school on January 16 (Photo courtesy of JWC Auctions).

Tiffany Wilson, Staff Writer

Would you  like to drive a 1997 78-passenger Blue Bird Transit diesel bus with 161,337 miles to school?

What about purchasing a Whirlpool washer and dryer from the old Home Ec class for your new apartment?

How about taking one of your parties to the next level with an event popcorn machine?

Saturday, January 16, will be your chance to own a piece of your high school history, as Northmont City Schools hosts a public auction of high school contents, beginning at 10 am. The public will be able to purchase everything from stoves used in the Home Ec rooms to desks and chairs used in various classrooms.

More details about the upcoming auction can be found at: www.jwcauctions.com/_auctions/01-16-16.html