New and Improved

Students Begin New Year In the New School


Students meet in Thunderbolt Way for seventh period study hall in the new school.

Autumn Jenkins, Staff Writer

Curiosity and wonder finally came to an end as students, faculty, and administrators made a permanent move to the new building on January 11. As the first week came to a close, students were already embracing their new home.

“It’s cool…I really like the neon thunderbolt,” said freshman Myelle Norton. The thunderbolt runs the length of the ceiling in the Thunderbolt Way, and can be lit up in different colors.

Students who were used to the building’s 55-year-old counterpart next door, are experiencing everything from new desks and chairs, to new lockers and bathrooms.

“The new school is really pretty [and looks] shiny and new,” said junior Audrey Osudoh.

Because of the overwhelming size, students are already creating quick and easy routes to get from one class to the next.

“[I would suggest] to use the back staircase by the history wing and cut through bathrooms [as a shortcut],” said Norton. In classroom wings, students can enter bathrooms from either side of a hallway, which is a feature the old building did not offer.

Students have had some difficulty finding their way around.

“Maybe create a better map with numbers, and the signs that have teachers’ names should be bigger [and more visible],” said Norton.

Other students would have liked more time to get familiar with the new building.

“I would have liked at least one more day to practice my schedule,” said junior Ryan Noris, who also wished the Link Crew could have been present to assist students for a longer length of time.

Each day finds students more comfortable in their “new and improved” home, as they continue to gain confidence, and learn shortcuts.