Pep it Up

Band Shows Northmont Spirit

The band sits eagerly watching the game.

Micah Via , Staff Writer

One of Northmont’s long-time bands moved their sounds to the new Thunderdome this season.

“Pep band has been at Northmont longer than I have been teaching and I gladly took over,” said band director Andrew Brough. “Just seeing all the students that go to all the games to show their support and showing that they like playing in the band is my favorite thing.”

Band members attend games, sometimes just for the sake of playing with the band.

“My favorite thing about pep band is the social interaction,” said junior Micah Hardman. “It’s another place where friends meet and play together.”

Pep band is not a mandatory requirement for band members, however all band students are encouraged to come to the games to play, whether they are percussion, woodwind, or brass.

“I feel like I am being selfish when I say I would love for it to be mandatory because the band brings such energy to the atmosphere and encourages not only the interacting between the basketball program and the band, but also the students,” said varsity basketball coach Mr. Collin Abels.

The band plays songs that not only represent Northmont, but also songs which are popular with the majority of students.

“Playing the newer music creates a connection with the students,” said Abels.

It’s not only the students that enjoy the pep band.

“I think it goes with the crowd. It’s nice to have the music at the games and I think a lot of families go to the games for a ‘night out’ to see the game and listen to the band,” said science teacher Ms. Kimberlee Leis.

The Pep Band performs at each home boys ‘ varsity game, while continuing to make the Thunderdome their home.