The problem of overcrowded busses


Inside an overcrowded bus

Sabastian Eddy, Staff Writer

Students wait at the bus stop for their ride to school expecting to be able to relax before they get to school. Instead, they ended up on an incredibly crowded bus, frustrated and annoyed. Students are forced to sit three per seat because of a lack of room. Students are hanging off the seat and falling whenever the bus turns.

“The buses are way too crowded,” said Christian Blasko, a middle school student. “It’s really annoying to get on them in the morning. This bus issue needs to be resolved.”

Additionally, students are uncomfortable and feel unsafe on the bus.

“Right when I walk on the bus, I see no seats at all,” said freshman Maddie Mink. “I get so frustrated. It’s not comfortable to sit on the edge of a seat. I feel like I’m going to fall whenever the bus turns. This issue needs to be resolved.”

To further complicate the matter, students have no room to put any of their things.

“I ended up in the middle of two people on the bus,” said freshman Xavier Barnes. “My backpack is packed, so I’m pretty much stuck when I sit down. But being in the middle of two people with a packed bag makes me feel extremely claustrophobic. I really don’t want to feel this way when going to school.”

As issues concerning safety, comfort, and space continue to mount, the busses still remain overcrowded.

Do you believe this issue needs to be addressed or it’s just a useless issue to acknowledge?