Cadets Visit Norfolk

ROTC Orientation Trip

Group one on the USS Washington

Summer Vickery, Staff Writer

After a 13-hour bus ride, 48 Northmont NJROTC cadets arrived in Norfolk, Virginia, on Wednesday, February 24, for their annual orientation trip.

“The bus ride was long, but enjoyable. We did a lot of singing and played games and just had fun spending time together,” said sophomore Hailee Davis.

On base, cadets were able to eat at a buffet for their breakfast, as well as some lunches.

“The Navy meals were good, but other than that we ate a lot of McDonalds,” said freshman Daniel Lambert.

The cadets, who were primarily freshmen, were given the opportunity to take tours of several well-known United States war ships and aircrafts. They also visited to the Nautilus museum and aquarium.

“My favorite tour during the trip was the tour of the USS Washington,” said freshman Anthony Witherspoon.

The group visited the sand dunes and the beach in North Carolina on their last full day of the trip.

“I really enjoyed exploring the dunes, and I had fun collecting shells on the beach,” said freshman Harley Danes.

Cadets were up at 4:30 am on Sunday, February 28, to load the bus for home.

“I had a really great time with all of my friends,” said freshman Kimberly Lewis. “It was the best week of high school so far.”

Norfolk is the world’s largest naval station, supporting 75 ships and 134 aircraft.