DID YOU KNOW?: SLO Students Showing Growth

SLO Tests are back and here to STAY

The breakdown of the evaluating system for the SLO Tests

The breakdown of the evaluating system for the SLO Tests

Mary McKinney, Staff Writer

  • Last year students started taking a Student Learning Objectives test, or an SLO. And now the SLO tests are mandatory to be taken every year.
  • According to law, teachers exclusively instructing Value-Added courses must use their teacher-level report as the full 50 percent for the student growth measure beginning July 2014. All other teachers can use student learning objectives as part of their student growth measures per the district plan.
  • Student learning objectives should be based on data from multiple sources when available such as standardized tests, portfolios of student work, and district-created assessments.
  • The expectation is that all students entering a course throughout the year receive a pre-assessment to determine any gaps in learning. Every effort should be made to administer the post-assessment to each student enrolled in the course. This data is extremely beneficial to the next year’s teacher. The Ohio Department of Education expects each district to determine the minimum interval of instruction for student learning objectives. Understandably, the students’ principal will need to discuss whether certain students meet these minimum requirements determined by the school district.
  • Student learning objectives in the test are to be aligned by Common Core standards, then Ohio Academic Content Standards, and concluded with national standards put forth by Education Organizations.
  • To have sufficient stretch, an assessment must contain questions that vary in difficulty. The assessment should contain both basic and advanced knowledge and skill questions so that both low-performing and high-performing students can demonstrate growth.
  • What types of assessments can be used with student learning objectives? District-approved, locally developed assessments, Pre/Post assessments, Performance-based assessments, Portfolios, and Vendor assessments.

Information recieved from http://education.ohio.gov/